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68-Year-Old Woman Dies Of Coronavirus In Akwa Ibom

COVID-19: How 55-year-old Man Died of Coronavirus In LUTH, Lagos

Akwa Ibom State Government has announced the death of a 68-year-old woman who died of Coronavirus, thereby bringing the number of death recorded in the state to two.

The development was revealed by the State Government and Chairman Covid-19 Management Committee, Dr Emmanuel Ekuwem, on Thursday.

Dr Ekuwem while speaking during a press briefing, noted that the deceased was transferred to the centre, totally unconscious and with multiple serious long outstanding ill-health.

He called on medical doctors to seek help from their colleagues when faced with illness beyond their experience and their facility.

According to him, “The patient we lost was a 68-year-old woman who was transferred to the centre, totally unconscious, with multiple serious long outstanding ill health.”

“And I want to use this opportunity to appeal to doctors please, whether it is Covid-19 or not, once the illness is beyond what your experience and facility can carry, seek the help of your colleagues.”

“We would not accept cases of dumping any longer! A situation where you bring a patient with total unconsciousness, and a few hours later, the person would just give up the ghost, we won’t accept that any longer!”

He noted that Akwa Ibom State has recorded three new cases, thereby bringing the number of confirmed cases in the state to six.

He explained that the three new cases recorded were as a result of the ongoing contact tracing exercise in the State.

“On the last laboratory test we conducted on 44 suspected cases, three persons were confirmed positive, while we lost one.” He said.

He stressed the determination of the State government to continue to provide excellent medical care, while also encouraging Akwa Ibom people to continue to follow all necessary preventative measures.

The Governor also noted that the lockdown on interstate travelling has not been lifted and any caught, would be detained for 14 days.

“No passenger movement. No motor park should load or offload, else we would keep you for 14 days. Except those on essential services such as medicals, foodstuff and media,” he said.

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