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A Look At Madagascar’s Covid-Organics

The herbal tea praised by Madagascan President Andry Rajoelina to fight against the new coronavirus is distributed every day to the inhabitants of the country.

In front of the town hall of Antananarivo, Robert Rakotondrasoa is impatient. He is in line to receive free COVID-Organics, an artemisia-based herbal tea. 250 litres of this herbal tea are distributed every day. Like everyone here, Robert is convinced that this drink will protect him from the new coronavirus.

“Thanks to this remedy, it is Madagascar that will save the whole world which believes itself to be smarter, richer and more knowledgeable than us. Madagascar will have the most knowledge in the fight against the coronavirus and the whole world will turn to us. ”

One should not mix COVID-Organics with other drugs if one wants to know clearly the percentage of its effectiveness.

According to President Andry Rajoelina, COVID-Organics is the remedy that can prevent and cure coronavirus. Tence Mena, a famous Malagasy singer caught the disease during her last tour in France. After a week of chloroquine treatment, the singer was treated with the Malagasy potion.

“I didn’t have breathing problems, but I had the flu and a sore throat. I also had aches, loss of taste and smell, headache at first. I always felt tired. I followed the treatment with COVID-Organics, I wanted to know if it would save my life. And it worked on me because I’m healed. ”

According to the presidency, to date, nearly 80 out of 105 people have been cured of the coronavirus after taking this artemisia treatment, accompanied by Azithromycin. But it is impossible to verify this figure because the hospitals refuse to communicate their data. According to the doctors’ union, the official protocol remains the treatment based on chloroquine, because, for the moment, the effectiveness of COVID-Organics against the current pandemic is not yet proven.

“You shouldn’t mix COVID-Organics with other drugs if you want to know clearly the percentage of its effectiveness. For the side effects after drinking the drink, there are people who have had allergies or even diarrhoea and others who feel tired ”, explains Dr Abel Ranaivoson, president of the unions of doctors in Madagascar.

In a recent statement, the WHO recognized that artemisia “is considered a possible treatment for Covid-19“, but calls for rigorous scientific testing.

The use of traditional remedies can endanger the population who think they are protected, can put aside the barrier gestures. But that did not stop the Malagasy government from donating 14,000 litres of COVID organics to several African countries.

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