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Angel Gomes Reacts To Video Of Him Receiving Healing At TB Joshua’s Church

Manchester United midfielder, Angel Gomes, has confirmed the report making rounds that he attended Pastor TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations for healing prayer.

The Red Devils player was spotted in a video testifying to being healed after he was prayed for at the church.

Gomes while speaking said, “I’m from Manchester, my name is Angel Gomes and I play for the Manchester United Football Club. I’ve been struggling really with injuries; that’s why I’m here.”

He, however, noted that the video is old and he was at the church years ago because his mother was a fan of TB Joshua and he was just practising his faith.

On his Twitter page, he wrote: “In regards to the video that has come out from 2016. I am from a Christian family at the time my mum was a fan of the pastor, and she really wanted me to go. I was going through some issues. From the outside looking in, it looks crazy, but I was just practising my faith.”

“I didn’t really need to explain myself but a lot of people were asking me what the video was about. I was young at the time and if my parents thought something was best for me I would do it. ”

He further urged his fans to focus on other important issues in the world at the moment as he was young at the time.

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