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Bamgbose Urges Buhari To Reopen Religious Centres, Schools Immediately

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President Muhammadu Buhari has been called on by the National Coordinator, Concerned Advocates for Good Governance, Olusegun Bamgbose, to open religious centres in the country.

The Lagos based lawyer in his statement noted that religious houses are powerhouses of the country, he further stated that shutdown the worship centres might spell doom for Nigeria’s political leaders.

Bamgbose also pleaded with the President Buhari-led government to open schools in the country in batches amid the Coronavirus crisis.

The National Coordinator of CAGG stated that, “It’s no doubt that the temporary closure of religious activities in Nigeria was due to the ravaging pandemic, Coronavirus.”

“The virus has actually not subsided. People are actually dying every day. The number of infected persons is rising every day. This is no doubt a sad development.”

“The lockdown is no doubt necessary to halt the spread of the highly dreaded virus that has claimed many lives in Nigeria.”

“However it has become necessary for the Federal Government to declare Mosques and Churches open for normal services.”

“The Federal Government should realize that religious houses are powerhouses of the country.

Bamgbose noted that the country would have ceased to exist if not for the prayers of Muslims and Christian which keeps the country going.

“This nation would have ceased to exist as one country except for the prayers of the Moslems and Christians. The time is ripe for the powerhouses to be opened for normal services.”

He further stated that he has the permission of God to make such demand from the Federal Government. He pleaded that the religious centres should be open not later than 19th June 2020 to avoid disaster in the country.

“I believe I have the permission of God to make this statement. This should be done not later than 19th June 2020, to avoid an open disaster in high quarters.”

“Continuing shut down of religious houses may spell doom for our political leaders. One will, however, warn the prosperity preachers to soft-pedal on this.”

“In the same vein, one will urge the Federal Government to open schools in batches.”

He called on the government to allow student in JSS3, SS3 and final year students in higher institutions to resume for obvious reasons.

“The JSS 3, SS3 and final year students in our tertiary institutions should be allowed to resume for obvious reasons.”

“They should be allowed to resume and take their exams. The indefinite closure of schools may be counterproductive.”

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