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Bayelsa: Frank Condemns Diri For Rejecting Alaibe’s Congratulatory Message

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The former Deputy spokesperson of the All Progressives Congress, Timi Frank, has condemned the Bayelsa State Governor, Douye Diri, for rejecting the congratulatory message sent to him by Timi Alaibe, after the Supreme Court ruling.

The political activist noted that the attitude of Diri has shown that he will rule the state with a heart full of bitterness, for the sleepless nights he had while the case against him was ongoing.

Recall that Alaibe who contested for the governorship ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party had challenged Diri’s candidacy to the Supreme Court but lost.

The former Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, however, sent a congratulatory message but the governor rejected the message publicly.

Frank in a statement released said Diri had proven his inexperience as a politician “and not worthy to hold a public office.”

Frank said it was sad for a sitting governor, who should have rather called on those who opposed him to support his administration, to take an unpopular decision.

The political activist added that it’s not a crime for Alaibe to contest his right in Court, adding that if not for the same Court, Diri wouldn’t have become a governor.

“Jitry governor Diri became the governor through a back door. Instead of him to appreciate God’s faithfulness in his life, he has turned himself to the Biblical Bayelsa’s Nebuchadnezzar by openly rejecting a hand of fellowship extended to him by the much loved Timi Alaibe.”

“Governor Diri should not forget so soon that Bayelsans did not Vote for him as governor because he was not their choice but the Court and providence did.”

“Diri has forgotten that four years will end before he knows it. The governor’s proud heart will soon disappoint him. If Diri was not jittery, how come he couldn’t appoint his Commissioners months after the Court declared him governor?”

“By this singular act of ungratefulness, Douye Diri should prepare to give an account of all his steps and policies every day. The Bayelsans will hold him accountable for each step he takes henceforth,” he said.

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