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Buhari ‘To’ Lockdown Abuja Again

International Community Expecting Coronavirus To Crush Nigeria - FG

President Muhammadu Buhari has been advised by the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Youth Task Force on COVID-19 to lockdown Abuja again.

According to them, the advise was necessitated by the number of coronavirus cases and deaths so far recorded.

Ango Suleiman, Chairman of the Task Force, made this know while speaking at a news conference on Wednesday.

He advised the Federal Government not to listen to public opinion on the ease of the measures earlier put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The same people demanding the ease of lockdown may come back to criticize and condemn the action of the government when things go wrong. Therefore, the only option is doing whatever is best for the people”, he was quoted as saying

According to Suleiman, the law enforcement agencies were becoming overwhelmed and were gradually losing control of the people since the lockdown was lifted.

He buttressed his point by citing massive gathering at banks, checkpoints as well as public disobedience in observing safety measures.

Suleiman insisted that the repercussions of the early lifting of the lockdown around the world were a lesson to learn “as our peculiarity can never be an excuse for our carelessness.”

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