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CAN Condemns Destruction Of Lives And Properties In Kajuru Communities

The Kaduna State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria has noted that in spite of the incessant attacks on Kajuru communities, the authority has failed to release a statement on the lasting solutions to the destruction of lives and properties in the communities.

CAN said, “Apparently, the honesty and commitment towards seeking lasting solutions to wanton destructions of lives are lacking, resorting to the usual propaganda.”

The Chairman of Can in the state, Rev. John Joseph Hayab, in a statement released on Thursday, stated that “no responsible government anywhere will act as if nothing was happening when a section of her citizens are killed.”

The statement emphatically said, “CAN Kaduna State chapter is disturbed by the frequent attacks on Kajuru communities. Recently, the general frenzy is that despite the continuing attacks on hapless Kajuru communities, those responsible for ensuring the security of lives and property are only but playing lips service to the security challenge.”

“The question is this: is the federal government been told the truth about the happenings in Kajuru or that she has chosen to ignore the defenceless people of Kajuru to suffer alone?”

“The big challenge is that those who should see these killings as a war against her citizens are busy displaying a sectional preference to a section of its citizens. What they do are rhetoric but no concrete and genuine action.”

On the need to secure the life of every citizen, the statement added, CAN Kaduna State called on the government “to truly take on its constitutional role of protecting innocent citizens or else in the long run society may end up in chaos and the people everywhere may take up arms as their God’s given right to secure themselves.

“Leadership is a serious business of safeguarding lives and prosperities. Hence, leadership is not about oratory but the taking of firm steps and actions towards stopping evil from destroying the land.”

“At this moment of grief, CAN commiserates with the people of Kajuru and appeals to all peace lovers in Kajuru, irrespective of ethnic or religious identities, to work together to promote peace and security of their community.

“We must not forget that an injury to one is an injury to all.”

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