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Clergy Begs Court To Dissolve His 19-Year-Old Marriage Over Wife’s Infidelity

A man, reportedly a clergy has requested a Customary Court sitting at Mapo in Ibadan to end his marriage alleging that his wife is promiscuous.

Joel Bamimore reportedly filed a petition before the court demanding that his 19-year-old marriage to one Mrs Seyi be dissolved on the grounds of infidelity.

According to him, he would not be able to cope any longer with his wife’s extramarital affair, coupled with the fact that he is afraid of contracting sexually Transmitted Diseases, STD, from her. Naija News learned that Joel had filed the suit against his wife since September 12, 2019.

However, Chief Ademola Odunade, the President of the court after going through the case ruled that Joel should first take his wife to the hospital to treat her wounds which she sustained from his brutality.

Also, the court judge advised the couple’s family members to settle the case amicably between the two. However, Joel at the resumed hearing insisted that the reconciliation will not work. According to him, his wife had not changed from her promiscuous lifestyle even after the last incident.

He said, “My Lord, I took Seyi to the hospital as you directed, but while there, the Doctor told me in her presence she was discharging blood from her private parts because she had contracted an STD.

“I can’t continue to be living under the same roof with an adulterous wife, my life is not safe,”

On her part, Seyi who gave her consent for the divorce denied all allegations levelled against her by Joel.

She said, “I am jobless because my husband has taken away all my means of sustenance.

“After taking me to the hospital, he suddenly began to accuse me of having an STD. He is lying. No physician told me I had an STD. My husband is a pathological liar.”

“The man he accused me of having an affair with someone who has helped us. He gives us money and food when we had nothing to eat, especially due to my husband’s condition. My husband is physically challenged,” Seyi added.

Odunade eventually, on behalf of the panel of judges dissolved the marriage in the interest of peace. He granted custody of the three children to the respondent and ordered the plaintiff to pay N15,000 as their monthly feeding allowance. The judge, however, advised Joel to learn to be tolerant and appreciate people who care for him, describing him as an ingrate.

Meanwhile, a masquerade has been spotted begging a young lady for her phone number with the interest of having a relationship with her.

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