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Coronavirus: Federal Govt Reveals Worst Hit Sector

The Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika, on Wednesday while speaking on sectors affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus noted that the worst-hit sector in Nigeria is the aviation sector.

Sirika during the Coronavirus media update on Wednesday stated that the aviation sector is the most hit, he further stated that airlines have lost nearly N17 billion monthly since their operations were grounded.

“We are in very difficult moments like everyone else. All of this started because someone travelled and unfortunately came back home with it and the consequence is what we’ve been going through.”

“We are the worst hit, than any other sector. Some N17 billion naira monthly is being lost by the airlines, thanks to COVID-19″

He added that the sector is highly regulated and will not be able to open up for months as so many precautions have to be put in place.

“There are safety issues and concerns. Those aeroplanes have been kept and when we are going to bring them back into service, we will have to ensure that they are airworthy and that they can make those flights safely.”

“So also, for the flight crew, they have certain standards they must conform with.”

“Certainly they won’t just pick up their bags and continue they must conform to those standards and ensure that they are safe to operate both in terms of their health,” he added.

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