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Coronavirus: How Virus Is Spread In Imo – Task Force Chairman Reveals

Professor Maurice Iwu, COVID-19 taskforce chairman, Imo State chapter, has expressed his dissatisfaction over non-compliance by residents on the directives given by the government to curb the spread of the dreadful disease in the state.

According to the chairman, while addressing newsmen on the state’s COVID-19 status in Owerri, the novel virus noted has been spread around by many who are unaware that they are carriers of the disease.

Iwu in his statement described the set of individuals as “silent spreaders

He added saying, “they are moving freely with us and spreading the virus undetected.”

“It will be wrong to say that coronavirus has been contained. Our people are no longer obeying the government’s directives because they think that the tension has reduced. Let us not be complacent about the tendency of this virus. It takes people unawares.”

Iwu reiterated, “There are people who may be carrying the virus but have no knowledge of it. They are silent spreaders and are freely distributing the virus.”

The chairman, however, advised that all entries into the state should be shut down to avoid further invitation of the virus from people entering the State.

In another news, Naija News reported that men of the Nigeria Police Force belonging to Orji Divisional Police Headquarters in Imo State has arrested a middle-aged man for allegedly violating two minors sexually.

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