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COVID-19: Lagos, Ogun Infected With Anti-Church Virus – Oyedepo

COVID-19: Lagos, Ogun Infected With Anti-Church Virus - Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, the general overseer of Living Faith Worldwide, has berated the federal government for refusing to open churches amid the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Speaking on Sunday, Oyedepo wondered why churches remained closed despite the gradual easing of movement and the lockdown order.

The outspoken clergyman stated that Lagos and Ogun states are now fighting an anti-church virus.

Oyedepo revealed that about 114 members of his church testified to have been healed of coronavirus yet places of worship have remained shut, while markets have been opened.

“What they want us to believe is that there is the evil of corona in the church. It’s the greatest lie ever told on the earth. The Church is God’s healing clinic, not where you gather sickness,” Oyedepo said.

“He healed me of Tuberculosis. Too many across the world delivered by the power of God. Is that where to shut down? This is no longer coronavirus, at least in two states, Lagos and Ogun. It’s now the anti-church virus.

“The gods of this world are behind it but there are human instruments that they engage. Can anybody silence the church? No! I’ve never heard of anybody God healed in the market. But we get healing in the church.

“We’ve recorded 114 coronavirus healings. We got 10 this week. But that’s the place being declared vulnerable, not the market. Zero social distancing in the market places. Under the same atmosphere, you can’t go to church.

“It’s a grand desire of the devil globally to silence the church. What they call coronavirus has suddenly become an anti-church virus, clean and clear, the market place is rocking, people are running over themselves.

“Nigeria’s coronavirus never goes to the market, it only goes to the church.”

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