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COVID-19: Prophet TB Joshua Commends Sanwo-Olu, Gives Fresh Warning

Prophet TB Joshua Reveals What Will Happen After Coronavirus

Founder and leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T. B Joshua has commended the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu for his efforts in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

The prophet noted that Governor Sanwo-Olu has provided quality leadership in Lagos State through his governance which has ensured the safety of the residents.

He added that the governor is active and pro-active at such a critical time which shows he wants to keep the residents safe.

He said, “We would like to use this time to salute our governor of Lagos State, Governor Sanwo-Olu.

“Indeed, he’s one of a kind. If you look at his activity at this critical time, it can be compared to the New York governor who is always on the national news to update the general public and to educate them.

“Our governor wants to see his people and he wants to see them living well. We pray God will increase his capacity to do more, in Jesus’ name!”

Prophet Joshua then added that residents of Lagos State must adhere to the guidelines and instructions by health experts in order to remain safe during the pandemic.

Particularly, he warned that people should not only use face masks but use it appropriately so as to stay safe during this period.

Joshua added that the government directed the use of face masks for public good but people should be careful of the materials they use and avoid sharing face masks or keeping it long unnecessarily that it affects their breathing.

“Following global health guidelines during this period of COVID-19, the government is insisting on the use of face masks in public places – along with social distancing and handwashing.

“Face masks can be a very good thing but they can also be dangerous when they are not used properly or when they are not made with the proper material.

“The government has asked you to wear face masks when you are in public places, in the midst of people, on the streets, in vehicles when you are not alone. The government is doing this to help you.

“They are not asking you to wear it 24 hours a day. There should be a time at home when you remove it. But some people are wearing their face masks for long periods of time.

“Breathing the same air in and out or not getting enough air while breathing – all of this can affect your health, cause headaches, fatigue and worsen existing health challenges.

“So let us be careful of the amount of time we wear the face mask and also of the kind of material our face masks are made out of.

“For many, the chemicals used to make such material can be dangerous to inhale. NOTE: The face mask is your personal mask. It should be clean and made of proper material. This requires your discretion.”

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