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COVID-19: Trump Makes U-Turn, Approves Wearing Of Masks In Public

United States president, Donald Trump  finally spoke out in favour of mask-wearing In the North American country as the cases of COVID-19 Rises daily

Naija news Undertands that  Trump returned the daily briefings on COVID-19 as his poll numbers falter.  In another sign of recalibration, Mr Trump belatedly tweeted a photo of himself in a face mask on Monday, calling it an act of patriotism.

It came after months of resistance to being publicly seen with a face-covering — deemed vital to slowing the spread of the virus — but seen by the president as a sign of weakness.

However, According to the latest figures published by Johns Hopkins University, 14,763,911 cases have been detected worldwide, with 611,322 deaths and 8,338,996 people recovered.

In the USA, there have been 3,850,134 confirmed cases and 141,158 deaths, with 1,160,087 people recovered from the virus.

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