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Covid-19: Why Couples Should Wear Face Masks While Having Sex – Experts

A new study has warned that sex could spread coronavirus, while advising couples on some preventative steps to take in the bedroom.

According to the study, acts to avoid involves kissing, showering before and after sex, and even wearing masks while having sex.

In the study, carried out by researchers from Harvard University, various sexual situations/ scenarios were ranked based on how likely someone can contract coronavirus during sex.

Abstinence and masturbation were ranked as ‘low risk’ s.e.xual activities, while s.e.x with people within a household, and s.e.x with people from other households were ranked as ‘high risk’ activities.

The researchers admitted that abstinence isn’t possible for many people, and therefore urged people to take certain measures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

In their study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the researchers, led by Dr Jack Turban, wrote: “For some patients, complete abstinence from in-person sexual activity is not an achievable goal.

“In these situations, having s.e.x with persons with whom they are self-quarantining is the safest approach.

Those unable to take this approach may benefit from risk reduction counseling, which has proven effective in other realms of s.e.xual health.

“Patients should also be provided with information about how to reduce the risk for other s.e.xually transmitted infections as well as the importance of continued use of contraceptives during this time to prevent unwanted pregnancy.”

The study comes shortly after an expert claimed that recovered coronavirus patients should avoid s.e.x for 30 days

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