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Crowd Watch As Mermaid Grabs Woman To Her Death

Rutendo Nhemachena, 26-year-old woman has lost her life, while she was being baptised at Manyame river in Zimbabwe.

It is believed that Nhemachena was possessed by a mermaid spirit before she became violent and jumped into the river where the leading prophet, Isaac Manyemba was cleansing men and women with his aide only identified as Mai Manyika or Madzimai Jennifer.

It was learnt that the people who were with her believed she had been possessed with a mermaid  and didn’t bother trying to rescue her till she died.

Manyemba confirmed the tragic event by saying Nhemachena overpowered him and seemed like she was possessed by a mermaid spirit.

The Prophet said; “The two convinced me and I led them to the river where we attended to a number of men and women when Nhemachena suddenly came into the river possessed.

She pushed all of us and we failed to handle her before she immersed me and disappeared into the water.

He added that they were comforted when they heard the news of a woman who claimed that her child was taken away from her by a mermaid when he was seven and returned when he turned 14.

Nhemachena family spokesperson, Patience Gwebede denied suggestions however that the deceased was abducted by a mermaid.

According to her, the deceased would be buried in Chihota after a post mortem.

He said; “We are expecting the law to take its course as well as get an explanation from the traditional healer or Madzibaba and Madzimai who were conducting the cleansing ceremony.”

National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the mishap and said the police are still investigating the circumstances leading to the drowning.


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