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Daddy Freeze Under Fire For ‘Attacking’ Woman Who Survived Car Accident And Started Speaking In Tongues

Daddy Freeze

Some internet users have disagreed with controversial Nigerian OAP, Daddy Freeze after his claims that an accident survivor speaking in tongues was speaking in the “tongues of demons”.

In a viral video on the internet, a woman after surviving a major accident was seen speaking in tongues a few steps away from the accident scene.

However, Daddy Freeze in his reaction claimed the woman was ignorantly chanting pagan incantations, adding that it was God through the use of technology that saved her and not the chants.

He asked if this means that those who died in accidents were also killed by God.

However, some of those who read his reaction had a different view and expressed their minds in his Instagram comment section. Daddy Freeze as expected also took time to respond to the comments, turning his page into a platform for an argument of a sort.

Freeze said “She is praising the devil with those incantations, not God” because she was “ignorantly reciting pagan incantations”.

He added that tongues have always been “known human languages, not the muttering of utter bullshit”.”These right here are incantations of the devil.”

See a screenshot of Daddy Freeze’s post and some comments and responses from internet users:

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