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Ehanire Reveals Original Cause Of Over 1000 Deaths In Kano State


Last months, series of mysterious deaths were recorded in Kano state.

Although, it wasnt certain the causes of these deaths, many suspected that they were as a result of the novel coronavirus which were freshly recorded in the state at the time.

Speaking at the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 today, Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire confirmed that almost 60 percent of these deaths were caused by coronavirus.

Reports given by a team set up to investigate the deaths, confirmed that a total of 979 people died in eight local government areas of Kano state.

With regard to the unexplained death that occured in Kano, the team confirmed that a total of 979 deaths were recorded in eight municipal local areas of the state at the rate of 43 deaths per day.

He said the number of deaths started to reduce by the end of April and the state now record 11 deaths per day.

The verbal autopsy revealed that 56 percent of the deaths had occurred at home while 38 were in the hospital,” Ehanire said.

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