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Eminem Is Alive Despite #RipEminem Trending On Twitter

Popular American rapper, songwriter, and record producer, Marshall Bruce Mathers III, professionally known as Eminem, is currently trending on Micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

There had been speculations from some quarters that the award-winning American rapper is dead.

People feared that the 47-year-old rapper had died, after #RIPEminem began trending on Twitter on Tuesday night – despite Marshall Mathers III being very much alive.

The hashtag became a top trend in the US, with some fans of Eminem believing that the Lose Yourself star had passed away on August 18.

However, it seems that the trend stemmed from one Twitter user who declared: ‘I have killed eminem.’

The account, with the handle @levic**sock, also reportedly tweeted the hashtag #RIPEminem numerous times before going private.

While the trend initially caused major concern on social media, it later turned into a meme.

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