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Group Provides ‘Proof’ That Buhari’s Agenda Is To Islamise Nigeria


Recents moves by President Muhammadu Buhari to replace heads of various organisations, who are Christians with Muslims from the north has been castigated by the Christian Rights Agenda.

In their latest attack, they have l condemned in the strongest terms the substitution of the name of Mr Silas Agara, a Christian from Nasarawa State, as Chairman of the National Population Commission by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The CRA in a statement said the latest move by the president is nothing but a continuation of the government’s Islamisation agenda.

The group alleged that most sensitive Federal Government positions in the executive, legislature and judiciary are being populated by Northern Muslims.

They further recalled that earlier in the year, the president had appointed Agara, who is the immediate-past deputy governor of Nasarawa as Chairman of the NPC but was not inaugurated as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown.

His appointment was however  withdrawn allegedly after the Nasarawa State governor, Abdullahi Sule visited Buhari to present the name of Nasiru Kwarra, a Muslim from Nasarawa, to replace Agara.

The group said he was replaced under questionable and  controversial circumstances.

The statement reads, “Last Thursday, the National Council of State ratified the appointment of Agara, which was published by most news medium including the Nigerian Television Authority, which reversed itself minutes later. 

“CRA is using this opportunity to alert Nigerians of a possible grand plot to short change Christians in the country in the planned National Population and Housing Census which may have triggered and informed the sudden decision not to appoint a Christian to head the NPC. 

“Recall that the CRA had weeks ago issued a statement in which it detailed the lopsidedness in the appointments by President Buhari since he came to office in 2015.

“We wish to remind Buhari that any society which thrives on injustice cannot endure. 

“Any empire, nation or system which perpetuate injustice is bound to fail. 

With less than three years to the end of his tenure, we had expected Buhari to begin to right the wrongs he meted out against Christians through his skewed appointments and other state patronages. 

“Although it is still not too late for him to amend his ways but it may soon be too late, a stitch in time saves nine.”


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