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How Gokada Founder Died: Fahim Saleh’s Autopsy Report Out

How Gokada Founder Died: Fahim Saleh's Autopsy Report Out

The autopsy report of the gruesomely murdered founder of Gokada and co-founder of ride-sharing venture ‘Pathao’, Fahim Saleh, has been revealed.

The New York City’s chief medical examiner, on Thursday, revealed that Saleh’ died of multiple stab wounds.

Saleh died as a result of stab wounds to the neck and torso and found his manner of death to be a homicide, CNN reports.

Authorities are still on the hunt for Saleh’s assassin and the culprits behind his gruesome murder.

Reacting to the Gokada founder’s death, his family said “no words or actions to provide any of us comfort except the capture of the person who exhibited nothing short of evil upon our loved one.”

“He was such a brilliant and innovative mind.

“The headlines talk about a crime we still cannot fathom.

“Fahim is more than what you are reading. He is so much more.

“His brilliant and innovative mind took everyone who was a part of his world on a journey and he made sure never to leave anyone behind.”

Naija News recalls that Fahim Saleh was found dead in his New York apartment.

The dismembered body of Fahim Saleh was found by NYPD officers in a building on E Houston at Suffolk Street on the Lower Eastside at about 3:30 pm on Tuesday, the New York Daily News reports.

NYPD officer who visited that apartment after a call from the deceased’s sister said they found the limbless, headless torso of the 33-year-old with an electric saw lying next to the remains.

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