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‘I Bury Charms To Perform Miracles’ – Popular Nigerian Prophet Confesses

'I Bury Charms To Perform Miracles' - Popular Nigerian Prophet Confesses

A popular Nigerian prophet, Prophet Paul Abam, who was paraded in Cross River for burying charms in someone’s house, has confessed to planting charms in people’s houses to lure them to seek “miracles.”

Naija News understands that Prophet Abam confessed that after burying charms in people’s houses, they would be forced to come to him for liberation, and he would then go back to dig out the charms he had previously buried.

A report monitored on Vanguard newspaper by Naija News, says the prophet had been in the business for long and had also been extorting people in the name of selling oil and performing liberation exercises for them.

The report said during the parade of Prophet Abam, an eyewitness, who pleaded anonymity, said, he (Rev Abam) has been deceiving people in the guise of a “real man of God“ but they have discovered he is fake and fetish.

According to the eye witness: “Rev Paul Abam goes around with his men of God, who are like his foot soldiers that gathered the information for him on how to lure the victims.

“Then they bury charms on people’s property and make them believe they are charms from perceived enemies and if the people are gullible or desperate, they fall for his trick.

“He has sold olive oil and other items for as high as N3,000 and he would have sold nothing less than 250,000 bottles.

“The latest one was when Rev Paul Abam was caught burying charms at the factory of one of our sons in Itigidi, where he hatched a plan to lure him and milk him. Unfortunately, they were caught while planting the charms.

“When they were caught, we had to parade him in our traditional way so that our people will see and know who is behind their challenges because a lot of people have fallen victim.

“When Rev Paul Abam plants charms, people pay N55,000 to clear them. There was a principal he sold oil to for N800,000 and more people who heard about the incident from other communities are speaking out.”

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