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ICC: Trump’s Administration Request Accountability From Countries But Rejects Probe of Human Right Violation

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The Continuous victimisation of the African Development Bank president (AFDB) Akinwunmi Adeshina by Donald trumps led administration has shown the level of hypocrisy and the double standard of the United States Government.

Naija News recalls that the United State Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, last month called for an independent probe into allegations by a group of whistleblowers against the AfDB President, thereby pushing for more investigation into his activities.

There were allegations of a certain number of appointments and departures deemed questionable and several contracts approved under Adesina’s leadership which were in violation of the bank’s statutory and ethical rules.

Although Adesina insisted on his innocence, having been cleared by the bank’s Ethics Committee of all charges brought against him, the whistleblowers expressed serious doubts about the ability of the African Development Bank to conduct an independent investigation. Therefore, they said they did not have enough confidence in the Ethics committee handling the case dispassionately.

However, it is shocking to discover that the United States government gave the authorisation to sanction the International Criminal Court (ICC) over the Afghanistan war crimes probe on the US troops.

Naija News Understands that Trump issued an executive order on Thursday, saying that the United States would block all American property and assets of anyone in the ICC involved in the probe.  Trump administration also accused Russia of “manipulating” the ICC to serve a Russian agenda.

Naija News Understands that the allegation was on the pretext that Trump’s administration was trying to bring accountability to an international body.

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