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I’m Not Apologizing For Prescribing Chloroquine, Zithromax, Zinc For Coronavirus Cure – Gov Bala Mohammed

The Bauchi State Governor, Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed has said he has no intention of apologizing for saying that Chloroquine, Zithromax, Zinc and vitamin C are used for the cure of Coronavirus as he was administered with the drugs when he was receiving treatment in isolation.

The governor said this while reacting to comments on social media on the directive for the use of the drugs for the treatment of the virus, during a press conference, held at the Government House, Bauchi Wednesday.

He further noted that he was making certain clarifications concerning misconception that trailed the news.

Pertaining what I said about the use of Chloroquine, Zinc, Zithromax and vitamin C for the treatment of COVID 19 that I was misquoted. I was once a COVID 19 patient, how did I get cured, I only made a recommendation and it is not a recommendation of the committee for COVID 19 in the state”

I have no apologies for saying that I used Chloroquine, Zinc, Zithromax and vitamin C to get cured, but Allah cured me. To me, it is better you take something rather than sit down and die. We have not recorded any deaths in Bauchi State and I still maintain that. The person that died came after the test and you can see that we have 80 patients. By the grace of Allah, Allah will heal all our patients

It is not Chloroquine or anything, many countries are using modern medicine to combat the pandemic. It is common knowledge that COVID 19 has no vaccine and drugs, we are just grappling in the dark, but if you have symptoms of fever, you take Chloroquine and cure it. If you have symptoms of infection, you take Zithromax and cure it.”

If you have symptoms of weakness, you can take Panadol to cure it. You don’t need a doctor, however, doctors are prescribing it. I did not take these drugs on my own, I took it based on the recommendation.” he said

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