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Indian Passenger Dies Aboard A Lagos-Mumbai Evacuation Flight

Indian passenger dies on board evacuation flight from Lagos

A 42-year-old passenger on board Air India’s AI 906 from Lagos to Mumbai died on Sunday morning. The passenger who was among the Indians evacuated from Nigeria reportedly fever, chest pain and died on board the flight and gave up the ghost before landing in India.

A doctor on board along with our crew struggled to keep him alive while in the air. He was also provided with oxygen due to breathing difficulties.  He was however declared dead by an onboard doctor.

When the plane landed at the at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA), the doctors at the airport still made efforts to revive him with no avail. After completing all the standard operating procedure, the body was sent to Vile Parle based Cooper hospital.

An Air India spokesperson said, “A male passenger aboard AI1906 on June 13, 2020, from Lagos to Mumbai passed away due to natural causes today. A doctor on board along with our crew, who are trained to handle such medical emergencies, made an all-out attempt to revive the person, aged 42, who had suddenly collapsed, through resuscitation but all their efforts went in vain. He was declared dead on board by the attending doctor.”

Air India said that they had informed about the incident to the relatives of the deceased.

“After completing all the procedures, the aircraft was taken for complete fumigation as per norms,” added the spokesperson.

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