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Just Like Bread, Gun Easy To Buy – Daudawa, ‘Repentant’ Bandit Reveals

Just Like Bread, Gun Easy To Buy - Daudawa, ‘Repentant’ Bandit Reveals

The repentant kidnap kingpin who masterminded the abduction of over 300 Kankara schoolboys, Auwal Daudawa, has revealed that getting a gun is as easy as buying bread.

Asked how he got his arms in an interview with Daily Trust, Daudawa said: “I got it around me. It is easy to get a gun. It’s just like you going to buy bread.”

Giving reasons for going into kidnapping, the repented bandits said the injustice he has experienced made him delve into banditry.

“It is because of injustice. Injustice in the sense that you had your own property and taking care of your family then government would now send officials to cart away everything while I have family to fend for,” he said.

“What would I do? Am I expected to survive on sand? I had a herd of cattle which I inherited from my parents but operatives were sent to take them from me and brought here (to Gusau). So I was challenged to sit up too.”

Daudawu added that his herd of cows was confiscated by security agents in Zamfara. In return, he sold off his remaining assets to procure a gun.

“It was security agents who did it. I wouldn’t know who sent them but it was during the last administration (in Zamfara State). Security personnel and yan-sa-kai ¬(vigilantes) were the ones who took away the cattle.

“I told them that they should scrutinise the herd, if they find a single cattle belonging to another person they should not spare me. They did not find any stolen cow but they kept the entire herd. It was stolen. Tell me, what will I do with my life then?

“I was dependent on Allah and those cattle, but they took away everything. This was why I sold off my remaining assets and bought a gun to start this (banditry).”

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