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Killers Have Joined APC – Aregbesola

Nigeria’s Land borders Are Porous – Aregbesola Admits

The Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, on Friday, said killers and miscreants have joined the ruling All Progressives Congress.

The former Governor of Osun State stated this at his Ifofin, Ward 8, Ilesa East Local Government Area, on Friday after he revalidated his APC membership.

“Earlier today, I and members of my family revalidated our membership of the All Progressives Congress, APC at Ifofin, Ward 8, Ilesa East Local Government Area, State of Osun. I thank our leaders, members of our party and people of the community who came out en masse to receive me,” he posted on his verified Facebook page.

“This registration affords us the opportunity to deepen internal democracy in the party. Our members now have a say in whoever becomes the flagbearer either at the party level or for government elective positions.”

“Though the constitution allows everyone to register as a member of any political party, even if they are suspects, murderers, character assassins, etc., but those who constitute the majority of the party membership must represent the core values of the party. What distinguishes us are the values we hold. We value social democracy to a large extent, (and) liberal democracy and progressivism.”

He further stated that he and his supporters would remain in the party but would not related with people with bad character.

Addressing his supporters in Yoruba, the minister said, “Killers have joined our party and the law guiding our party doesn’t say wea can’t admit them when a law court has not convicted them. You know the killers or you don’t know them?”

“You know miscreants or you don’t know miscreants? If we will be in the same party, we will not accept anything that will denigrate Bola Ige. He was our father. In this area, Bola Ige was our father.”


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