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Man Cuts Off His Twin Brother’s Hand Over Girlfriend In Imo

Giving birth to twins is one of the prayers pregnant women get when they are heavy; same wishes new couples receive by well-wishers at their wedding ceremony or days after.

It is also a thing of joy to see twins grow up loving themselves, one can be sure of a peaceful and beautiful home having such gifts. However, the reverse is the case with two twin brothers who hail from the southern part of Nigeria, Imo State precisely.

According to a tragic report received by Naija News today, twin brothers who are residents of Ndimoko Arondizuogu, a community in Ideato North Local Government Area of Imo state had engaged in an exchange of fist over a woman.

The report had it that Paul and Peter from their childhood have never behaved like they are of the same parent nor even relate like they were born twins. They both fight all times without and never get to agree on one thing together, Naija News learnt.

It was, however, unfortunate that a recent fight which ensued between the two resulted to a loss of blood after Paul reportedly attacked his sibling’s child.

Receiving the report, Peter who was absent during the incident reportedly descended on his twin brother to take revenge. The fight, however, turned bloody as Peter allegedly get hold of a cutlass and began to cut his sibling, leaving him in a pool of blood with severe cuts.

Confirming the incident, their older sibling whose name is identified as Micheal Ogbonna, disclosed that they had lost their father about two years now, and the two had never been in good term despite efforts on them.

According to Michael, he had tried involving the duo in vocational skills, but they will never pay attention, rather, they go about causing troubles.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the woman whose daughter was touched by Paul had already birthed 5 children for another man.

Michael reveals further that severely injured Paul whose hand have been cut off has been rushed to the state’s Federal Medical Center in Owerri, the capital city of Imo State.

In another news, Naija News reports that a house owner has been arrested by the Ghanaian Police for allegedly killing a resident at his house, claiming he received the gun he used from a police officer.

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