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Mayweather Offers To Pay For George Floyd’s Funeral

Former Boxer, Floyd Mayweather

American professional boxing promoter and former professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather, has offered to pay for George Floyd’s funeral.

Mayweather confirmed the decision on his Twitter account, meanwhile, several local media platforms has revealed that the family of Floyd have accepted.

The death of Floyd has prompted protests across the United States and abroad, celebrities, and professional athletes speaking out on the incident.

The likes of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have reacted, while, Ravens owner, Steve Bisciotti, has pledged $1m for social justice reform and said a group of former and current players would decide which organizations benefit.

“There is nothing I can say to ease the pain felt by African-American communities across our country. No words will repair the damage that has been done,” Bisciotti said in a statement.

“Like many people, I am sickened, disheartened and shaken by the acts of racism that continue to overwhelm our society.”

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