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Meet The Ijaya’s,Nigerian Family With Ten Professors

The value of education in the south-west region of Nigeria has always been held in high esteem.

It is also a well-known fact that the region has the highest number of the educated elite.

However, A family in Offa, Kwara state, called the Ijaiyas has over ten professors in different fields.

It should be noted that among the professors are former deputy vice-chancellors, deans, and senior academics. They are also in various Nigerian universities across the federation.

Below is the list of then Professors from this lineage:

1. Prof. Gafar T. Ijaiya (Economics)

2. Prof. Sidikat Ijaiya(Mrs) (Education) (First Female DVC, University Of Ilorin)

3. Prof. Mufutau A. Ijaiya (Finance)

4. Prof. Munir. A. Ijaiya (Medicine)

5. Prof. Hakeem Ijaiya (Law), University of Ilorin.

6. Prof. Waheed Olatinwo (Medicine

7. Prof. Bayo Lawal (Applied Linguistic /English Education) all in University of Ilorin.

8. Prof. Abdulmojeed T. Ijaiya 7(Animal Science/Nutrition): FUT MINNA

9. Prof. Najeem Ijaiya (Law): Crescent Uni. Abeokuta.

10. Prof. Maruf. K. A Adeboye (Soil science and Land management)

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