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Mother Of Two Survives Horrific Shooting But Now Lives With Her Intestines Hanging Out – (Photo)

A sporadic shooting three years ago at a nightclub has left a 32-year-old mother living a miraculous life after she survived gunshots that should have claimed her life.

According to the report confirmed by Takieyah herself, she was shot twice on the stomach and her right leg in July 2017 by an unknown random attacker who shot sporadically at a crowd of nightclubbers, leaving three persons severely injured.

The mother of two survived the horrible shooting spree but now has her belly in a new shape as the gunshots reportedly burst out her intestines, leaving her with a bulge on her abdomen.

Takieyah defied death and her survival became a miracle despite one of the bullets tearing apart her stomach.

Naija News understands that Takieyah is most time mistook to be pregnant by people she meets as the size of the wound on her stomach made it impossible to close up, forcing her to live with a gaping hole on her torso and with the inside of her intestines fully exposed.

She was, however, stitched up by medical experts and nursed by her mother Tammi Reaves-Duncan as she recovered. Though she disclosed that the incident got her into depression due to her “deformity”, but now it’s all testimony as she will have her stomach fully closed at the end of June.

Speaking with the Metro UK, Criminal Justice student said, “It will get patched up properly, but it has been left open and exposed ever since it happened. It bulges and I am constantly asked if I am pregnant when I go out. People ask me if it’s a boy or a girl and I then have to explain everything.”

She added, “I wasn’t supposed to make it out of the hospital alive, my family were told to say their goodbyes. I am so grateful to still be here and be given a second chance at life, but I can’t help feeling depressed by how I looked,”

“I kept my stomach hidden from everyone for a long time, even from my kids. I was so depressed by my body, I had scars all over and I hated it. ‘I just wanted to curl up in a ball and hide and I was scared to go outside because of guns on the street. I also didn’t want anyone to see my body so I found it hard to live my life as normal,” Takieyah revealed.

See below photos of Taekiyah as she keeps up with hope.

Naija News learnt also that a makeshift lining was created by the doctors to cover up Takieyah’s stomach by using skin from her leg.

Takieyah appreciates her maker for saving her life miraculously, giving her a chance to look after her children.

She said, “It has changed my life but I am so grateful I am still able to raise my kids. I was depressed for a while but I decided that I couldn’t go on like that for their sake. ‘I do want my body back but I see them as my war scars. People tell me how beautiful I am and I have learned to embrace what happened.”

Recalling her experience on the horrible incident, Takieyah said, “I thought I was dying and I was so scared about leaving my kids without a mom. It was super scary and really painful, it felt like fire was running through my veins. ‘I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, the guy was firing off gunshots and I was stood in the doorway. I didn’t even realize I had been shot at first, but then I collapsed.”

“I was in the doorstep of the club when I got shot. I remember feeling very tired, like I wanted to go to sleep. My friend Lavona kept telling me to keep my eyes open and listen to the voices.’ ‘I lost 4.5 liters of blood and my doctors told me my heart stopped on the operating table, but I came back. I had surgery to remove the bullets but they had to leave my stomach open like this,” she added.

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