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Nigerian Lady Tattoos Her Face With Boyfriend’s Name As Proof Of Love (Video)

A now-viral video on the microblogging site, Twitter, has caused a barrage of reactions from Nigerians after a lady tattooed her face as a proof of love to her man.

As seen in the video below, the young lady had her face tattooed with the name of her lover ‘Anjola’.

The tattoo reads; “Anjola my Love.’

Though the facial expression of the young lady while the artist inscribed on her face seemed as if she was been forced to do the tattoo by her boyfriend, it was observed.

Also, a voice could be heard in the background making some cheap bargain for the tattoo, regarding the lady as ‘eleyi’, meaning this one in the Yoruba language.

Watch the video below;

Meanwhile, a middle-aged Indian man has undergone surgery to have a phone charger removed from his bladder after he reportedly inserted it through his manhood to satisfy his sexual urge, Naija News reports.

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