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Photos From The Public Meeting Held By Nigerian Witches And Wizards In Osun State

Progressive Witches and Wizards Association held their maiden meeting on Thursday 14th August at the Araba Castle in Osun State, Nigeria.

The group was hosted by renowned traditionalist and Ifa priest, Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon who charged them to use their supernatural powers to help others and seek the good of the society.

Elebuibon also used the occasion to lament about the spate of violence in many regions of the country, noting that Eledumare is not happy with such developments and the government must find a way to end such occurrences.

He said, “Eledumare is displeased with the shedding of the blood of innocent Nigerians. And there is grave punishment for that. It is happening in the north and down south. Political leaders and heads of security agencies in Nigeria must work to put an end to this. If they fail to do that, the consequences will be too heavy for this country.”

Below are some photos from the meeting.

Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon

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