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Police Arrest Woman For Refusing Sexual Intimacy With Husband

Authorities in India have arrested a woman for denying her husband of sex from the beginning of their marriage, which led him to commit suicide.

The police said the mother of the deceased had written a petition against her daughter-in-law, Geeta Parma, 32.

Multi Parmar,55 claims that Geeta denied her son, Surndrasinh sex during the 22 months they were married.

Parmar said the lack of sex left her son in ‘mental stress’ as their relationship failed.

She noted also that she discovered they were sleeping in separate beds when she visited them.

Surndrasinh revealed to his mother that he and Geeta did not have ‘physical relations’, the police report said.

Muli said Geeta vowed not to have sex with her husband during their marriage.

‘Once I had gone inside my son’s room and found that he and my daughter-in-law were sleeping on different beds,’ Muli alleged in her first information report.

‘When I asked my son about this, he told me that they did not have physical relations as Geeta had taken a vow that she would not sleep with her husband.’

It was learnt also that the couple fought several times over the issue before Geeta packed into her parents house.

On July 27, family members returning from a funeral to Surndrasinh’s home discovered he had committed suicide.

Surndrasinh, a railway employee married Geeta, his second wife, in October 2018 following a divorce from his ex-wife two years earlier.

The case is under investigation by Shaherkotda police in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


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