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Popular Actress, Yetunde Bakare Gives Reason For Converting From Islam To Christianity

Nollywood actress, Yetunde Bakare has disclosed to her fans and followers that she has converted from Islam to Christianity.

The actress, known by some people as Yetunde Modinatu, announced her decision via a post on her verified Instagram account on Friday.

The actress explained that though she was born in a Muslim family, she believes connection with God matters more than religion.

She added that she still loves her brothers/sisters in Islam, but details of her reason for converting are best known to her.

Below is what she shared:

“I was born and brought up as a Muslim and my sunnah name is MODINAT but I’m now a Christian for reasons best known to me

“All the same I love my brothers/sisters in Islam at the end of the day Religion isn’t all that matters, your connection with God matters most JUMM’AT MUBARAK my people. “

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