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Prophet Odumeje In State CID Awka (Photos)

Prophet Odumeje In State CID Awka (Photos)Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere better known as Prophet Odumeje has spotted in the State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Awka, Anambra State, southeast Nigeria.

Naija News reports that Prophet Odumeje, who is the Spiritual Director of Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention Deliverance Ministry World Miracle Center, alias Land of Freedom, arrived at the State CID Awka in a BMW X6.

Although Naija News can not confirm why Odumeje was at the State CID, several reports have it that Prophet Odumeje was arrested on Tuesday, June 2nd and was taken to the Anambra State Police Headquarters.

The controversial Anambra based prophet, who has suddenly moved from the “most hated” to the “most liked” pastor on social media with Nigerians making various videos with his nicknames: “The Lion, Indaboski or Liquid Metal”,  was said to have been arrested at his place in Onitsha, Anambra State and taken into custody after failing to honour police invitations.

According to the reports, Odumeje was arrested for insulting the family of late Pericoma, Aro Ndizuogu and Awka people. The controversial prophet was seen in different viral videos abusing the above-mentioned people and communities. After backlash from the family of Pericoma, Ndizuogu and Awka people, he apologized.

Prophet Odumeje In State CID Awka (Photos)

Prophet Odumeje allegedly undergoing interrogation at the State CID in Awka, Anambra state. Photo credit: Twitter.

In his apology letter, Prophet Odumeje had said: ”My attention has been drawn to publications on social media over the alleged face-off between me and the good people of Awka and Arondizuogu communities in Anambra and Imo States respectively.

”In the said posts, I was portrayed as declaring war on the people of these communities and their respective traditional festivals and beliefs. It was also alleged that I had vowed to destroy Imo-Awka festival and put a stop to the Ikeji festival of Arondizuogu.

”Consequent upon the above, I wish to acknowledge that the people of Awka and Arondizuogu communities are peace-loving and I have over the years come to share fellowship and service in church with a great number of them.

”These two communities and their renowned indigenes have been known and recognized as major contributors to the development of their states, Igbo land and the nation at large.

Prophet Odumeje In State CID Awka (Photos)

The moment Prophet Odumeje arrived State CID in Awka, Anambra state.Photo credit: Twitter.

”Awka and Arondizuogu communities have produced great men and women of integrity and pedigree and have always remained at the top of great sons and daughters of Igbo land.

”Against this backdrop and with every humility as a Servant of the Living God, I sincerely apologise to the great people of these two communities, to the entire people of Igbo land and to my Elders for my utterances. I will not make any attempts to justify my statement as even I can see that it’s hurtful in all its ramifications.

”I also want to specially apologize to the family of Mazi Pericomo of Arondizuogu who I understand until his passing was a diligent servant ( Evangelist) of God. I apologize and put it on record that this experience has taught me that words that speak any form of divisive conversation amongst our people MUST be checked. This is a time for unity, love and unwavering support for each other.

”Similarly, I lend my voice to the directives of the federal and state government in observing all the COVID-19 protocols, while waiting on the Lord for the end of the pandemic,” Prophet Odumeje had said in his apology letter.

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