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Samuel Ortom Reveals Miyetti Allah’s Plan To Attack Him


Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State on Monday revealed alleged plan against him by Miyetti Allah groups and some members of the opposition in the state.

The Peoples Democratic Party Governor noted that the groups are planning a media attack and protest against him due to his Government disapproval of open grazing in the state.

Ortom who released a statement through his spokesman, Tever Akase, noted that the plan is to be executed between now and 2022.

He further stated that plan is targeted at causing chaos, tension, fear among people of the state which could lead to violent clashes.

The Benue State Governor warned that no amount of media falsehood would deter him from selfless service to the people of the state.

He said: “It has become necessary to alert Benue people and other Nigerians about a plan being orchestrated by Miyetti Allah groups in collaboration with some opposition elements in the state to sponsor protests and a sustained media campaign against Governor Samuel Ortom.”

“The conspirators have already contacted editors of some notable media organizations in Abuja and Lagos whose role it is to ensure that articles, reports and all manner of media contents are churned out ceaselessly against the Ortom administration.”

“Our findings reveal that the Miyetti Allah groups are riled by the Governor’s dogged stand against open grazing of animals in the state, his call for the declaration of armed herdsmen as terrorists and his administration’s opposition to Fulani Vigilante. Working in cahoots with some members of the opposition in the state, the pastoralists have initiated the anti-Ortom campaign which we understand is to be sustained between now and the end of 2022.”

“The planned media publications are targeted at painting the present administration in the state as a failure, a lie that is to be forced on Benue people in the next two and a half years. The coordinated smear campaign has already begun as seen in a section of the media.”

“On the other hand, the sponsored protests by some youth groups are intended to create chaos, tension and fear among the populace and possibly trigger violent clashes capable of leading to loss of lives. It is obvious that the herdsmen are not tired of bloodletting in Benue State.”

“For Governor Ortom who had previously come under a series of threats even to his life from armed herdsmen and their conspirators, the latest plot by these enemies of Benue State is not unfamiliar terrain.”

“It is the same desperation those who have sworn to make Benue ungovernable displayed before and during the 2019 elections that are beginning to rear its head again.”

“Governor Ortom will not be intimidated or distracted by the antics of armed Fulani herdsmen and their sponsors. No amount of falsehood in the media or any other platform can change the Governor’s commitment to selfless service to Benue people.”

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