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Sanwo-Olu Visit Helicopter Crash Scene, Reveals What Would Be Done

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Lagos state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has paid a visit to the site where the helicopter that crashed in the Opebi area of the state on Saturday.

After checking the site, Sanwo-Olu promised that an integrity tests would be carried out on the buildings and do necessary repairs and assist the affected families.

Also, he sympathised with the families of the three people who lost their loved ones during the crash, while praying for comfort for the family.

“I am here to do a real on the spot assessment and I have seen things for myself. We thank God that as painful as the incident might be, the damage was not beyond what we have witnessed,” he said.

He said the death of the three onboard members  was really painful, but thanked God because the situation could have been worse.

He noted that the affected buildings are residential homes that have citizens living there.

He explained that people were not at home when the helicopter crashed, and even the elderly people that were around and in their rooms.

He thanked God for avoiding fatality for people on the ground, adding that the fatality may have been a lot more than what happened.

Sanwo-Olu said, having seen the level of damage done to the building, tests will be conducted to understand the integrity of the buildings and once that is ascertained today or tomorrow, work can start with the federal agencies.

We will start the reconstruction and renovation of the places affected by the crash; the rooms, walls, tents and ensure that we quickly bring respite to the senior citizens that have been affected.

From Monday, we will start rebuilding the damaged structure and also assist in any areas the owners of the buildings need our assistance. We will also assist the senior citizens wherever they need help. We know that the incident has had some impact on them. We will give them whatever support we can give them to reduce their psychological, physical and emotion hardship, which may have been caused by the incident. We would be doing that for them as a government. The whole essence of governance is to ensure that once your citizens are affected like this, government need to rise up.”

Sanwo-Olu also commended all the federal and state agencies for their quick response by moving to the site of the crash shortly after the crash.

I want commend all our frontline workers, all the emergency staff that turned up yesterday with citizens in the neigbourhood that turned out in large number to help,” he said.


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