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Security Issues Could Have Been Solved If It Were Not In The North – Adamu

Former presidential aspirant Adamu Garba has expressed his concern over present security been challenges faced in the Northern part of Nigeria.

The 38-year-old IT guru on Thursday, June 11 took to his verified account on the microblogging site, Twitter, to call the attention of the Northerners towards insecurity in the region.

Reacting to recent killings in the North, Garba in a series of tweets said, “President Muhammadu Buhari responds faster to criticism than with love.”

According to Garba, the Buhari’s led administration could have taken drastic measures if the killings in the North were to be from another region in the country.

He said, “Dear People of the North, It’s high time we tell ourselves the brutal truth. It seems to me that our beloved President @mbuhari respond faster to criticism than with love.”

“The present security issue could have gotten better attention if it were not coming from the North. People of the South-South were the first to start criticizing the President, the response was so fast that they now have the perfect security they ever had in Nigeria.”

“It was the result of criticism and calling for attention than an expression of love and understanding,” Garba noted.

Speaking about the second Niger bridge project, Garba said, “People of the South-East were deeply critical of the President, yet they now have the almighty second Niger bridge near completion. A project that has been ongoing since after the civil war, now getting fastest attention ever.”

“People of the South West requested for their due share of partnership for power when delayed, they resort to criticism & behold the president responded faster, now Lagos and Ibadan will soon virtually be the same city, connected together through state of the art infrastructure.”

“What of people of the Northeast, north-west and North Central? Which giant project of these proportions do we have approaching completion? Has our demonstration of love and loyalty for the President really paid us?” he asked.

“Yes, we have so many appointments, most coming from the north but does that really help the north or just the for the families of those appointed. With the exception of few, most of those appointed operate as ‘everyone-for-himself’ enterprise.”

“The self-centrism from most of the northern political office holders is unimaginable. Evident lack of cohesion between them or deep level of negative competition & self-pride is so bad among our northern political appointees that everyone almost seems to be operating as an island.”

“As it stands today, we do not have a comprehensive strategy. I doubt if we went into this partnership for any end other than secure Presidential political power. This is not good in any way for the general socio-political and economic well-being of the future of the region. We must have to review our priorities.”

“Needless to remind us that this is 5 years down the line, what do we show for producing the President? We have to change gear, otherwise, we will remain in near level, talkless of next level.”

Garba admonished youths from the North to join heads together, come up with helpful measures towards ending security challenges in the region.

He said, “Dear Young Generation of the Northerners. It is important for us to have a comprehensive strategy for the general development and security of the region beyond any political divide political.”

“Our current situation demands very urgent attention on both security & development. We need to formulate a collective agenda that we will produce at the table for implementation, covering the entire region should we have political power or jointly produce someone to political office. We must think beyond politics.”

“Since it is now established that our President responds faster to criticism, we must speak out & demand what is just and equitable for our developmental objectives. It is high time we stop the backroom criticism and come out plain.

“We must call the President’s attention urgently. When there is a security issue, we must come all of us together and demand the President’s immediate action, when we see development somewhere, we should ask for our own. We must do so with a culture of respect and value but we must not keep quiet for the benefit of our future. Thank you,” Garba added.

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