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Sengal Allegedly Develops Cheapest COVID-19 Test Kits In The World

The struggle to stay alive has become the reality of many COVID-19 Patient who has test positive to the deadly virus, However the inability to get inadequate test kits has also been the challenge of many African countries.

Meanwhile, this challenge has brought the creativity of many Africans who developed test kits and ventilators for COVID-19 Patients.

Naija News Understands that Senegal has developed one of the world’s most affordable coronavirus testing kits, which costs $1 (N360.50) each, $60 (N2,163) 3D printed ventilators.

This online media platform understands that a Senegalese lab (Institut Pasteur de Dakar) started development very affordable and easy to use Covid-19 testing kit in march which can deliver results in about 10 minutes.

The institute was able to achieve this by drawing from a wealth of experience gathered from developing vaccines and treatments for several ailments including yellow fever and dengue.

The updates also confirmed that the testing kit can be used at home for a simple test using the saliva or a blood sample of the individual. Similar to how a pregnancy test kit works, a bloodline appears to indicate the presence or absence of the COVID-19 antibody.




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