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Shocking: Phone Charger Removed From Man’s Bladder (Photos)

In what has been described as craziness by netizens, a middle-aged Indian man has undergone surgery to have a phone charger removed from his system after he reportedly inserted it through his manhood to satisfy his sexual urge.

According to the report, the young man who is at his 30s has the habit of inserting different types of objects in his manhood for sexual gratification.

Confirming the report, Dr Walliul Islam who was involved in the operation revealed that a two-foot phone charger was found inside the young man’s bladder weeks after he came complaining of pains in his abdomen.

Although it remained unclear how the young man had the object inserted into his system, doctors, however, claimed he must have inserted it via manhood as his usual practice to satisfy sexual urge.

According to some reports, the young man had severally reported that he had sometimes swallowed a pair of earphones.

The doctor revealed further that surgery was carried out on the individual after the cable refused to appear despite prescribing laxatives for the young man.

“An x-ray revealed that the man had a two-foot-long charging cable in his bladder, inserted via his urethra (the tube that leads from the penis to the bladder),” Islam revealed in an interview with the CNN.

He added, “He came to us after five days, (and) despite passing stool several times the cable did not come out. We then conducted an endoscopy but still couldn’t find anything. As the patient complained of severe pain, we decided to perform surgery and found that there was nothing in his intestine.

“Then I made an incision there and took out the cord, which was actually a charging cable over 2 feet long. If he had been honest then it would have saved us the trouble and we could have treated him sooner.”

“Five medics performed a 45-minute surgery to remove the lead at Guwahati hospital, north India last Sunday.” the doctor reiterated.

See photos from the surgery below;

Speaking in the same direction as Islam, another medical expert who also was involved in the surgery said, “We gave him laxative for two days as we did not want to do surgery immediately. The patient’s stool was examined, but nothing came out. We decided to do a small incision and check the gastrointestinal tract.”

“He might have been uncomfortable while telling us the truth, which led to us searching in the gastrointestinal tract. Though I’m not exactly sure about his mental health, some people do things for sexual gratification, but this man took things a little too far.”

Islam, however, noted that the young man has been discharged and is doing fine.

“I have read that people used to get sexual gratification by inserting instruments through the penis. This is one such case, and the psychiatrist can help him beyond this point,” he added.

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