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Video: ‘Alhaji’ Caught Trying To Sleep With A Sick Man In Edo State

A man, reportedly an Alhaji has been caught in a barbaric act with a fellow man who he had helped in the past.

In a video now viral on the internet, the man suspected to be gay was nabbed by residents while attempting to force his manhood on the reportedly sick fellow in his apartment. The incident happened at Ikpoba Hill, a community in Benin City, Edo State, Naija News learnt.

According to the victim, while narrating how it all started, the Alhaji had promised to sponsor his trip overseas for a business he was about to introduce to him. He, however, agreed to his terms after much discussion.

He revealed further that he was introduced to drug trafficking by the man. And was told that the drugs would be inserted into his anus. He, however, asked how possible it was, and Alhaji said he was going to teach him.

A few days later, he fell ill prior to a call he received from Alhaji that he was going to visit him at his apartment.

The victim disclosed that the man told him after arriving at his house that the drugs will be inserted into his anus. Surprisingly, he started making advances to him as he asks him to reciprocate the favour of buying him a trailer earlier.

The man, however, pushes harder for the advance as he attempted to forcefully insert his manhood into the sick fellow’s backside.

Watch the video taken from the scene below:

Meanwhile, three brothers have been arrested in connection to the abduction of Janet Nnenna Ogbonnaya, a 55-year-old widow who was killed after she honoured the invitation of one of them who was her friend on Facebook.

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