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Video/Audio: Gumi Provides ‘Evidence’ For His Claim That Christian Soldiers Kill Muslims To Divide Islam

Insecurity: Gumi Reacts To Abduction Of Kagara Students, Staff

Renowned Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has made available an audio to back his claims that Christian Soldiers killed Muslims to cause division in Islam.

Naija News understands that Gumi leaked the audio of his conversation with an unidentified army personnel to former presidential aide, Reno Omokri.

Gumi in the barely 11 minutes audio, interviewed the soldier who claimed to be part of an operation where their superior officer ordered them to wipe out entire communities.

The unknown soldier alleged that the communities they were asked to wipe out consists of young and adults, women and men all of Muslim Faith.

The soldier claimed the attack on the communities mainly dominated by Muslims and Fulanis lasted for about three months.

Naija News understands that the said operation was carried out in 2014 by the then troops of the Operation Sharan Daji. Reacting to Gumi’s evidence of claim, Omokri said the cleric could have been arrested if he was a Christian.

Recalling controversies that follows a statement recently made by Bishop Mathew Kukah of Sokoto, Omokri said President Muhammadu Buhari led government kept mute over Gumi’s war inciting claims because of his faith.

Listen to the audio below (English translation follows):

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