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Video: Ghanaian Pastor Teaches Members How To Suck Breast When They Are Stressed

A Ghanaian pastor, Prophet Nanasei Opoku Sarkodie of Potter’s City at Miotso Prampram as revealed one of his topmost secrets to his energy and why he hardly gets tired despite the hectic work of God.

He recommended to married men to suck breast to help relieve them from stress.

Pastor Sarkodie said it is an effective therapy against pressure and relaxes the mind to the core.

Without mincing words, Prophet Nanasei Opoku Sarkodie gave testimony of the Bosom  sucking therapy, disclosing “this is the reason why I keep on preaching.”

When you get tired, one of the things that relaxes the mind is Bosom . I will not collect an offering for this one, no matter how stressful you are, just get Bosom  and start sucking, you will cool down. Even if you don’t have AC, you will still cool down.

I have thought you one secret in life, anytime you feel like you are having tension, just turn around on your bed and start sucking Bosom , you will tame down,”

He recommended to his followers through preaching.

Watch his video below:


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