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White German Model, Martina Big,Who Took Injections To Change Her Skin Supports BLM

A German model who successfully changed her skin in 2015 has once again spoken against racism and injustice on black people in European countries.

Naija News learnt that the former White lady underwent melanin injections in an attempt to change her skin race with the hope to experience racism.

Martina Big, who now identifies as a Black woman, said she supports the call for the end of police brutality and racial injustice in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

“Unfortunately, many Black people are treated like second class people,” she told Metro on Wednesday. “I think it’s right that people protest loudly against these grievances because this is the only way to point out the broad dimensions of these abuses and to indirectly exert pressure on politicians and other people in influential positions.”

“Since I became a Black woman, I have worked intensively to learn more about the culture and history of Black people,” she continued.

However, Martina said she’s never experienced racism herself: “I am very well known in the media, so people are more aware of being racist towards me because they are afraid that their behaviour would be publicised in the press.”

“I am always on the road with my husband Michael,” she continued, “and he is not only a useful helper but also my bodyguard.”

The “former white woman,” who said she could conceive a “milk chocolate” Black baby last year on “This Morning,” explained that she is against any form of violent protesting, but agreed with the removal of “racist” statues.

Kubwa also said she denounces white people who are against the Black Lives Matter movement.

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