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Why Bandits Dialogue With Me – Sheikh Gumi Reveals

Why Bandits Dialogue With Me – Sheikh Gumi Reveals

Popular Islamic cleric, Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Gumi has revealed why armed bandits in the North West are relating with him.

In an interview with LEADERSHIP, the cleric said the bandits are conversing with him because they know that he is a peace advocate and a trustworthy person.

Gumi said the bandits do not trust the government, politicians, or the military for a peace talk because they know they are going to deceive them.

He said: “The government knows where they (bandits) are. The government probably has the same contact with them but the problem is that the bandits don’t trust the government for a peace talk or even politicians or the military because they know they are going to deceive them.

“They want them to lay their arms and then arrest them. But as a scholar, they don’t fear that deception from me because I am preaching the word of God and God doesn’t deceive or tell lies.

“When I requested to meet with them and listen to them, they really wanted someone to listen to them with an ear of understanding and appreciation, and somebody who is not coming to deceive them or to give out their secrets. So, that’s why it was very easy for us to sit down with them but they are hiding from the government for fear of betrayal.”

Gumi said he decided to embark on peace advocacy due to the inactivity of the government to protect its citizens, adding that he is tired of criticising the government.

He said: “I want to act. I don’t just want to stay at home and wait for you (the press) to come and ask me ‘what is your view?’ I am bored and tired of saying my views. What I want to do is to give my own little quota and see that I can solve some of these insecurity problems because underneath the problem of insecurity are a lot of things like economic stagnation and many other social vices that can spread in a society. So, I can identify the hottest and the most critical issue as the herdsmen’s criminality.

“After diagnosing and understanding the root causes of this, we can say okay let’s go ahead and confront the issue, so that we can contribute our own quota to solve the problem.

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