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Woman, Buried By Neighbour Manages To Dig Her Way Out

A woman said to have been buried by two of her neighbours has manage to dig herself out o the grave.

Nina Rudchenko, 57, was left a lot of injuries, including a broken jaw and nose.

Nina was at her home in the village of Maryanske in Ukraine, when the two drunk brothers broke into her house.

The brothers aged 27 and 30 and allegedly used a base ball bat to beat her for two hours until she fainted.

They then allegedly dragged her motionless body to the local cemetery and started to pour water on her face.

After she regained consciousness, they allegedly forced her to dig a grave then ordered her to lie in it.

Recalling the horrific events, Nina said to local media: ”I lay in the grave face down and they began to bury me.

”I covered my face with hands trying to reserve some air. They were laughing and talking about plans to kill all my family.

”After they finished, they wondered if I had already died then went away.”

After her torturers fled the scene, Nina managed to dig her way out of the shallow grave.

She crawled a few miles before getting home and lost consciousness.

The following morning, Nina was found lying on the floor in her house by her sister Ludmila Gura.

Mrs Gura told: “Nina’s face was covered with bruises and blood. It was black and swollen. I barely could recognise her.”
The victim was rushed to hospital and medics were shocked to see her look, say local media.

Oleksandr Klymchuk, a surgeon from the Velykobagachansk District Hospital said: “The woman was diagnosed with brain concussion, broken jaw and nose. Her head and body were covered with numerous severe bruises.”

Law enforcement launched a criminal case for attempted murder against the brothers.

They face up to 10 years in prison if found guilty. The investigation continues.

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