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Your Letter To Buhari Is Senseless – Senate Spokesperson Bombs Dangiwa

The spokesperson of the Nigerian Senate, Senator Ajibola Basiru has countered the submission by Umar Dangiwa a former military administrator of Kaduna State accusing President Muhammadu Buhari of lopsided appointments.

Basiru is his submission when asked for his view on the Senate’s complicity in Dangiwa’s allegation against Buhari in his open letter said the retired Colonel’s letter is mischievous.

Naija News recalls Dangiwa had in his letter to Buhari on Sunday, accused the president of religious ethnicity by targeting most of his appointments on Northern Muslims.

Dangiwa warned that such actions are capable of plunging the country into problems.

However, Senator Basiru, when asked by journalists on Tuesday if the senate is an “accomplice” in the president’s decision to pick appointees from the north, dismissed the submission as mere political “beer parlour discussion.”

The senator said “Please do a tabulation of all appointments and show empirically, scientifically how they are lopsided. I will not rely on talks in what people call beer parlour discussion. Section 14 (3) is clear that there must be diversity in terms of federal position such that one part of the country will not be seen to be domineering,” he said.

“Rather than speaking generally and what somebody said, it will be better to come up with empirical evidence. What are the federal positions that the senate has capacity to make confirmation, how many of them have been sent, how many of them are outstanding and what shows that they came from one part of the country.

“Politicians can be mischievous, I’m not saying any senator is being mischievous, when you talk of the north, you have three zones from the north; north-central, north-east and north-west but when people want to be mischievous when an appointment comes from north-central, they will say he is from the north. But when it suits them they will talk about south-east, south-south and south-west.

“I read the letter by colonel Umar. The letter was three-quarter more of political platitudes not statistics. If you want to tell someone that they are cheating you, you provide them with evidence.”

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